☆*:.¨. MegaloTorus .゚.*・☆

MegaloTorus logo. Credit: Sierra B. Estrella

About Us

My amazing partner and artist Sierra; our furbaby, Cairo

RatFB logo. Credit: Sierra B. Estrella

Jillian S. Estrella (she / her)

Project Artist / Project Lead

My previous projects:

  • Cathedral
  • Cornucopia

Resistance and the Flow Bats (RatFB)

An intentional collective.

We value:

  • Education
  • Active Allyship/Anti-marginalization
  • Consent
  • Harm reduction
  • Flow arts skill-share
  • Art Engagement &
  • Counterculture as community support

About Us

My amazing partner and artist Sierra. Our furbaby, Cairo.

RatFB logo. Credit: Sierra B. Estrella

Project Summary

What *IS* MegaloTorus?

MegaloTorus is a toroid(donut)-shaped immersive art structure.

1600 digitally addressable RGB LEDs are meticulously hand-sequenced to sets of curated music.


To create an immersive and relaxing environment that fuels the imagination, nurtures creativity, and fosters community.*

*Art as a place.

Physical Description

MegaloTorus structure model side view.

MegaloTorus structure model top view.


Made of 16 concentric arches.

Completed structure without the cover.

Physical Description

MegaloTorus cover schematics. Credit: George O'Donnell.

Sewing the cover together.


  • A templating and coordinate system were used to translate the designs onto heavy-duty "tarp" material (six oz., 12 mil poly fabric).
  • Pieces were sewn together using a sewing maching.

Physical Description

Sewing the cover together.

Physical Description


  • 1600 ws2811 LEDs spaced approximately 3" apart along the entire length of each of the structure's "spines".
  • Controlled by an AlphaPix Flex controller.
  • Modeled and sequenced with xLights.*

*This is our "canvas".

Physical Description


  • 616 sq ft - Room for "cuddle puddle", chairs, and dancing*
  • Used during the day for workshops, yoga, and other community events.

*It may look small in the photo but it is cavernous in real life - roomy enough for comfortably spinning poi. The center is monolithic and has been compared by patrons to a large tree or something from Avatar.

Art Grant

What we will do with an art grant

Self funded: $4871.22*

Inflation sucks 😖

We learned some hard lessons:

  • Structure + cover - wind sucks 😭
  • Efficiency - setup / teardown needs to be less demanding 😩

*MegaloTorus is coming to Elsewhence 2022.

Art Grant

Structural improvements

Priority: High

Cost: $600.00

  • Stronger rebar: we used #4 (1/2 inch), grade 40 which isn't strong enough - it bends 😞
    • We are working on obtaining thicker, higher grade rebar from a steel supplier
  • Inter-arch connectors:
    • Will add rigidity and stability
    • Maintain proper inter-arch spacing

Art Grant

Efficiency improvements

Priority: High

Cost: $200.00

This Goliath is a labor of love. We are actively working to identify where we can gain efficiency in the setup / teardown process and remediate

  • 400 x 6 in. bungee balls for hanging the LEDs

Art Grant

Cover improvements

Priority: Medium

Cost: $200.00

  • Magnetic screen doors - hand-sized moths love this place! 👐❤️
    • The moths are beautiful to observe but we do not want them gettinng trapped.

Art Grant

Falcon Pi Player (FPP)

Priority: medium

Cost: $150.00

An FPP will allow us to

  • queue sequences
  • Run sequences independent of an external laptop computer (no more ridiculously long wires!)


Thanks and gratitude to all the volunteers who helped create this art piece:

  • Jillian Estrella
  • Sierra Estrella
  • George O'Donnell
  • Nathan Klein
  • Sean Shirley
  • Martin Newmark
  • Joseph Martinez
  • Becca Elliott
  • Sean Sidelko
  • Presley Peach
  • Daniel Tenenbaum
  • Zach Herman
  • Bryan Lastrella
  • Preston Lancaster
  • Jenny McManus
  • Andy Taylor
  • Taylor Link
  • Brooke Sparling
  • Dara Rockwell
  • Abby Black
  • Lee Tal Hermon